Billiard Table Pad Cover

                              Billiard Table Pad Cover, Sand vinyl top.
    This table pad cover transforms a billiard table into a dining and entertainment center
    for large banquet type parties or get together. Or it can be used just to protect the billiard     table surface from scratches, stains and dust.

    Your customers will love this beautifully constructed billiard table pad cover, which can
    can be used all the time, when the billiard table is not in use. With the variety of top
    colors we offer, this cover blends in with any game room decor.



Billiard Table Pad Cover, section lifted view, shows Tan Duravel bottom.
  • Since every billiard table cover is custom made to fit your customer's particular
    billiard table, we ask that you provide us with a corner pattern of their billiard table.
  • Each table cover is made with a padded leather-grain vinyl top and our top quality
    DV is used on the underside.
  • Billiard table covers are made in three sections with 2 folds and 5 insert supports.
  • The standard insert measures 38" long by 1-1/2 inches high and is made from
    polyethylene foam, washable, colorfast and lightweight.
  • Individual pieces are joined together by our patented interlok system, fully hidden
    and will not scratch or mar the billiard table surface.
  • A full 1/2" of protection, 3 year warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • Folds for easy storage.
  Offer this black vinyl bag to your   customer, provides easy storage!
Black Vinyl Billiard Table Pad Storage Bag

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Available Colors
(Click on any color swatch for larger view)
Leather-Grain Vinyl Top Colors
    Black Leather-grain Vinyl Top Color          Chestnut Leather-grain Vinyl Top Color          Cranberry Leather-grain Vinyl Top Color          Cinnamon Leather-grain Vinyl Top Color          Sand Leather-grain Vinyl Top Color       Elite Leather-grain Vinyl-Glacier
Black Duravel  Bottom Color
Tan Duravel Bottom Color
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