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                                Table Pad Mahoganey Vinyl, showing custom fit capabilities.                               

   Ohio Table Pad Company, is a wholesale manufacturer of custom made table pad protection
   for fine dining room tables and other wood furniture surfaces.

   For 85 years, our character has been our strength, as a company with family traditions
   of honesty and integrity, we are proud of the high quality products we produce.

   We provide these American made products to only a wholesale customer base that consists
   of furniture stores, interior design firms, department stores, and independent distributors
   here in the United States as well as some international locations.

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Table Pad on a glass table.
In May 2000, we centralized our corporate office, including our customer service department to
Perrysburg, OH to better facilitate our business account customer's needs. All table protection products including Xtender Custom Table pads and other useful accessories products continue to
be produced and shipped from factory located in Lagrange, IN.

As one of the fastest growing table pad companies we offer innovative programs to help drive your dining room sales. Ohio Table Pad Company's success is based on providing problem free selling
programs to our dealer and superior quality products for their customers. This simple philosophy has
enabled us to service over 4,000 furniture retailers and distributors nationwide.  
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  Our use of high quality materials, with a wide range of color selections, plus a large variety   of fine accessory products are excellent selling points to your customers. We also provide
  a knowledgeable   sales force that offers support to retailers by educating their floor   sales personnel about Ohio Table   Pad's products to better service their in-store customers.

  In an age of ever increasing technology, Ohio Table Pad Company prides itself on it's   ability to provide web based services to our business accounts, as well as the capability to   adapt to the needs of those accounts by using their EDI or online purchase order/invoicing   systems.
  The Online Account Status function was implemented for our business accounts to
  allow their store personnel 24/7 access to pending purchase order information, through a   username/password accessed for system. This access also allows a store account to check   availability of a table pattern in our extensive master pattern file.  

  We also provide fax or email order confirmations and shipping confirmations to accounts   that request this service.   
Table Pad, shows Duravel bottom, plus custom fit capabilities.
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Benefits of Carrying Ohio Table Pad Products
Elite Table Pad, shows a rectangulare table with rounded corners.
  • Orders shipped within 2-3 weeks. ** Some exceptions during major holidays.
  • No inventory!! If you prefer we can drop ship orders direct to your customer's home.
  • Over 40,000 master patterns currently on file and receive new CAD drawings daily.
  • We use the highest quality material in the industry with proven laboratory results.
  • P.O. P. materials available at a minimal charge.
  • Referrals to your store from our website.
  • Strong sales force for support.
  • Several ordering options: Phone, fax, mail or use our online order form
  • Online purchase order status access, 24 hours a day
  • Check online for availability of master patterns, 24 hours a day.
  • Automatic fax or email order and shipping confirmations.
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